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Twinkle Star Dance™

Twinkle Star Dance is an age-specific 45-minute class containing ballet, tap, and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a “plie” is and how to demonstrate one.

The use of fun, age-appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as maracas for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun! Twinkle Cases and Props are included in registration, but if you need to purchase replacements, check them out here.

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***Placement Notes: For the Twinkle Star Dance™ 3-4 class, students must be at least 3 years old on the first day of the dance season. For Twinkle Star Dance™ 4-5 students must be at least 4 years old on the first day of the dance season

Personality Twinkle Star Dance™ Ages 3-4 Choreographed by Tiffany Henderson


Sweet Old Fashioned Girl Twinkle Star Dance™ Ages 4-5 Choreographed by Tiffany Henderson