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General Information

Tiffany’s Dance Academy Year Round Schedule

Tiffany’s Dance Academy has a “year-round” dance class schedule. As such, the 2014/15 Season will begin on July 7th. Some families are out of town frequently during the summer so we are allowing make-up classes during the months of July and August for missed classes in July. For classes missed in July make-up classes are allowed during July and August only. Because we offer make-up classes during July and August, the money you spend on tuition will never be wasted if your family is out of town.

Make-up classes are allowed during July and August only.

How it works:

1. Register for next season’s classes starting April 29th.
2. If you know that you are going to be absent for class(es) in July, you may schedule a make-up class by emailing or calling your studio director. This is a great opportunity to try different types of classes and different levels.

Why are we converting to a year-round schedule?

Because after a decade of training dancers we’ve discovered that after summer break we spend the better part of three months re-training dancers technique they already learned the previous season.

A year-round schedule serves two purposes.
1. It stops the loss of learned technique altogether.
2. It allows us to immediately progress to new and more challenging skills without “catching up” to where we left off before summer break.

The end result is a mere three additional weeks of dance each year but the benefit is equivalent to three months of valuable new training per year! This boost will help TDA dancers become better dancers much, much faster than dancers who do not train year round. These other dancers will be TDA dancer’s future “competition”, whether it is for a high school dance team, college scholarship or a professional dance audition.

What about Summer Camps?

Summer Camps are held in Costa Mesa, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton and Fremont. Spaces fill up fast so register for camp today.  Camp schedules are posted in mid-February.

What to do if you just don’t want to take any classes in July.

If you don’t wish to attend any classes in July you have two choices.

1. Wait to register until the week before you’d like to start. The only downside to this approach is that the class you want may fill up by the time you try to sign up.
2. Register for your July class and “bank” your weeks until August. For example, if you miss three classes in July, you may take three additional make-up classes in August.