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Children’s Dance Classes – Why Choose Tiffany’s Dance Academy

Tiffany’s Dance Academy consists of six locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We offer dance classes for children starting at age 2, and advanced training to pre-professional dancers up to the age of 18.

Bay Area Studio Locations:

Classes offered:


Why TDA is safe during Coronavirus pandemic 2020-2021…


First, watch this quick video! Click the picture below.

Miss Danielle teaches a few Twinkle Stars dancers ages 3-4 at Tiffany's Dance Academy of Livermore

  1. Children’s dance classes are some kid’s only social activity.  Socialization during this pandemic is important, as long as it is safe. Kids love dance, in part, because their best friends are at their dance school.

  2. Science-based safety precautions resulted in zero cases of Covid-19 amongst dancers and staff.

  3. Small dance groups of no more than 14 dancers (12 dancers under age 6, 10 dancers under age 4) and one instructor in a group/class. 

  4. Social Distancing inside the studios. Dancers remain in their “squares” with their very own, individual props.

  5. Only one masked parent and no siblings are allowed inside the facility for age 5 and under dancers. No parents or siblings in lobby for dancers over age 5.

  6. All instructors, administrators, dancers, parents and cleaning staff are masked at all times inside the facility. 

  7. Thorough cleaning of floors, barres, bathrooms and all surfaces between each and every class.

  8. Air filtration systems inside the dance rooms, lobbies and offices remain on and functional during all business hours.

  9. Temperature checks upon entrance

  10. Hand sanitization upon entrance and throughout class

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words



In the picture above, from top left: Inside the studio to the very left, notice there is a “shelf”. This shelf holds a 60″ flat screen TV that sometimes broadcasts the instructor who is either teaching in another room or from home. This is to ensure that our teachers only come into contact with a very small number of students in total. Here’s another picture below.

A flat screen TV broadcasts instructors to dancers in the studio at Tiffany's Dance Academy

Outside lobby window top left: That’s Crosby, a TDA Administrator wearing a KN95 mask and ensuring that there is only one parent per dancer in the lobby and no siblings.  She also ensures that a safe distance between parents/guardians is observed and that they too are wearing masks at all times inside the studio.

To the top right of the stereo equipment, notice that there is an iPad? This iPad is broadcasting a zoom video of the class to dancers who choose to dance at home. 

Four 20″ box fans with a MERV-13 air filter attached. According to a scientist at MIT, this fan can eliminate 95% of particles from the air. 

Red tape outlines squares on the floors to give each dancers a six foot space to dance in. 


Masked dancers. At first we didn’t know if dancers would or could tolerate wearing a mask. We discovered that they didn’t seem to care at all. The youngest dancers under age 5 seem to have adapted completely and they don’t mind wearing a mask. They don’t have a problem with their masks falling down, either. For instructors and dancers over age 12 who are in highly aerobic classes, we took a few weeks to get their fitness back to a level that could tolerate the mask. They are now able to complete multiple hours of classes without a problem. 

Miss Danielle waits patiently for her Twinkle Stars dancers ages 3-4 at Tiffany's Dance Academy of Livermore

Masked instructor. Not only is Miss Danielle wearing a mask, we require all of our instructors and staff to wear a KN95 mask. These masks not only prevent 95% of  droplets and aerosol from exiting the mask, they also help to prevent our instructors from potentially inhaling droplets or aerosol. That said, if any aerosol or droplets escape the mask, our box fans will suck up 95% of it and filter it out of the air.

Not shown in this picture are two doors to the studio. These doors remain open during class to increase ventilation and air-flow in the room.

Social distance stickers on the floor indicate to a dancer and the instructor where to stand to maintain a safe distance from one another.

Twinkle Cases!


Children’s Dance Classes are so much more fun when each dancer in a Twinkle Babies, Twinkle Stars, Mini or Jr class has their very own Twinkle Case full of props they use to enjoy a fun and engaging dance class!

“Twinkle Cases” are the property of the dancer. Inside each dancer’s case are props that they use in class, including:


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Dancers under age 9 get 50% off Registration Fee plus a Free Twinkle Case filled with props! Promo Code: OCTOBER. Expires Oct. 1, 2020. While supplies last.

Free Twinkle Case and Props for dancers under age 9 at Tiffany's Dance Academy.

Free Twinkle Case and Props for dancers under age 9.

Dancers 10+ get 50% off registration fee plus a free clear-vinyl backpack (easy to clean), a clean key, and a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer!

 Promo Code: OCTOBER.

Expires Oct. 1, 2020. While supplies last.


Free OH! Bag-backpack for dancers over age 10 at TDA while supplies last.

Clean key! Never touch a door or elevator or pin-pad again!

Free Hand Sanitizer for dancers over age 10.


Highly Qualified and Trained Owner

In 2000, Tiffany Henderson founded Tiffany’s Dance Academy (TDA) after studying dance for over 20 years. As a graduate of the prestigious University of Arizona School of Dance and a veteran of the highly regarded Tremaine Dance Center in Hollywood, Tiffany is committed to providing all students high-quality dance education.

TDA Instructors Performing in Finale - 2014

TDA Instructors Performing in Finale

Professional dance instructors at all levels

We at TDA believe in teaching proper dance technique from the very beginning.  Dancers of all ages and ability will benefit from our experienced and educated teachers.  At TDA we hire full-time instructors with degrees from high-caliber dance schools which ensures our students receive top-notch training in a variety of styles of dance.


A Ballet Class at Tiffany’s Dance Academy

Goal Setting

Our staff trains dancers who wish to attend an amazing dance program at an accredited four-year university. At TDA, our job is to position dancers for this goal even if it’s so far on the horizon nobody sees it, yet.   Of course, this is not the path for all children, but we believe all dancers benefit from an environment of high expectations and structure that comes from our goal oriented program. Dancers are evaluated annually to empower parents to make decisions about proper program placement for their children.


Specialized training in all genres by experienced, dedicated instructors.

Curriculum and Class Sizes

TDA has fine-tuned our curriculum for all ages and levels over the past 15 years. We have created a perfect blend of technique which focuses on personal development and challenges our dancers. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teachers. At the same time they are learning an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it.

Le Jazz Hot - TDA Performing Co. Showcase, Feb 21, 2015 by Tiffany Henderson

Le Jazz Hot – TDA Performing Co. Showcase, Feb 21, 2015 by Tiffany Henderson

Strong Management Skills 

Professionally managed dance studios are rare. We strive to create an environment where our teachers can focus on teaching and skip routine administrative tasks. That’s why we’re proud of the many innovations we’ve adopted to make your family’s dance experience positive. From well-maintained facilities to a simple, streamlined registration process and a world-class costume and dancewear ordering system. TDA is on the cutting edge of dance management technology.

TDA Owner, Tiffany Henderson - 2014

TDA Owner, Tiffany Henderson – 2014

***Value Added Dance Experience

Given the many benefits to pursuing a dance education at TDA, there is a cost. Dance falls somewhere between soccer and ice-skating in terms of overall expense for an activity. For a dancer interested in taking a single class at TDA, parents can expect to pay about $60 per month for a weekly class, another $100 or so for a year’s worth of dancewear and shoes, about $75 for a recital costume, and about $60 for recital tickets. Items such as photos and participation in the recital are optional and left to the family’s discretion. This cost does not vary significantly from the cost of other dance schools.

Bonus Reason:  Girls love boy dancers.


Boys that can dance get the girls every time.

Boys that can dance get the girls every time.


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