Photo & Video Gallery

How to Order TDA Media (DVDs, Action Photos, Downloadable Movie Files).  Please note: The TDA Media Package has been discontinued.


Action Photos:

  • You may view your action photos online in our SmugMug galleries.
  • Prints and digital downloads of photos start at just 99 cents.  
  • You may also download entire galleries of images – prices depend on image quality/resolution and range from $5.99 for low resolution to $12.99 for originals.
  • Downloadable movie files of each dance are also available for download.  Prices depend on video size/quality and range from 99 cents for Web Size 320 x 240 to $4.99 for FullHD 1920 x 1080.  + View sample videos

Tiffany’s Dance Academy Performing Company from Tiffany’s Dance Academy on Vimeo.