Volunteers - Tiffany's Dance Academy


Thanks for your interest in helping out this year! As a reward for volunteering, you are eligible to purchase recital tickets one day before the general public. You may register to volunteer at our Spring 2020 recitals beginning in March 2020. We will e-mail all volunteers a secret ticket pre-sale password on Monday, March 16th after 5 pm.

Step 1: Review the below job descriptions.

Step 2: Log into your Studio Director account to confirm the correct show date and time.

Step 3: Select your studio and register to volunteer online!


Parents who are volunteering need to add themselves as a student onto their account. Log into your account from the homepage(click log in on the top right corner and then select your studio from our list of locations.) Right below the top banner on the left, click log in yet again. DO NOT REGISTER! If you have a student enrolled in a class, you have a login. Simply click forgot password and reset your password to log in. After you are logged in, click edit student info and add another student to the account and add yourself. This will allow us to send email and communicate directly with you, the volunteer.


1. Backstage Volunteers

Your job is to supervise your specific class during the show. Online registration is not allowed for this position. Please register for this job at your studio with your Studio Director.

Showtime! Backstage Volunteers arrive about 30-40 minutes early and stay with their class until they are ready to go onstage. Volunteers can then take their seats in the auditorium as soon as their class is ready to perform. This means DHM Volunteers need to purchase a ticket for themselves.

Generations Big Show Backstage Volunteers arrive about 40 minutes before show time. They can watch the class perform from the side of the stage since they need to be with the class for the ENTIRE time before the show and after they perform. Tip: bring fun, quiet things to keep your kids busy (i.e. iPads, iTouches, coloring books and crayons, memory games, go fish cards etc.)! This will make them happy and your life easier!


2. Ushers

Please arrive a half-hour before the performance! Meet house manager in the theater lobby. We usually open the doors to the theater about 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Ushers help seat people before and during the show and also ensure that late arrivals to the theater are seated between (not during) dances. Ushers also monitor illegal video and flash photography and gently remind patrons that videotaping and flash photography are not permitted during the performances. Bring your own small flashlight so you can read seat numbers in the dark.

3. Concession/Flower Sales Volunteer

Help sell baked goods, flowers, and drinks to recital patrons and performers. We will assign you either pre-performance or intermission sales.

Pre-performance: If you are signed up to help prior to a performance, please meet at the concession table about 30 minutes prior to the show.

Intermission: Anyone signed up for intermission concession sales must come out to the concession stand 2-3 numbers BEFORE intermission starts! If your dancer happens to be in one of those numbers, please just rush out as soon as possible! This is a short 20-minute fast-paced job.

4. Concession Suppliers (Snack, Soda and Water Volunteers Available)

To increase the size of our donation we are allowing “volunteers” to “donate” select items in lieu of volunteering for a job. Of course if you donate items that can be sold at the concession table you will still qualify to purchase your recital tickets one day early. Bring one of the following:

•1 case (24 pack of 12oz cans) of Soda. You will be assigned a specific soda type to donate prior to the drop off date!!
•1 case (24 pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles) of water(any brand)
• 1 Costco type box of individually wrapped snacks (M&Ms, Skittles, Snickers, Ring Pops, Rice Crispy Treats, etc…)

5. Baked Goods Suppliers – NO ITEMS WITH NUTS PLEASE!!

Bring 24 divided and wrapped (2 per baggy for smaller snacks and one per baggy for larger snacks) chocolate chip, oatmeal, or your favorite yummy cookies, brownies or treats! Bring your baked goods 1 hour prior to your performance. You must pre-wrap your goodies or they will not be accepted.