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Vic’s Article

What the Daddy-Daughter Dance Means to Me

By Vic Valdes

My daughter Madeline and I have been dancing in the annual Daddy-Daughter dance for the past 3 years. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to spend quality time with my daughter doing something that she loves and excels at; dancing. At first I was worried about making mistakes during a performance and letting my partner down. However, after practicing and great coaching my confidence grew and I knew we would be ready to get the job done for the recitals. As the date approached, the excitement increased as we went through the dress rehearsals. Finally show time arrived, the curtain went up, the lights came on and the dads and daughters performed our parts with synchronized precision and spirit. While we didn’t achieve perfection, the entire cast put their hearts and souls into the performance and it showed. Our audience loved it and showered us with enthusiastic applause. As we took our bows, I looked down at my daughter and saw her looking up at me with pride. It was a very special moment and one that our family will always cherish. After that I was hooked and will dance with my daughter as much as she wants me to. At one of the dance conventions last year, one of the lead instructors asked all the dancers in the audience to raise their hand. Madeline raised her hand and then looked over at me and said “Dad, put your hand up, you are a dancer too.”