Recital 2017-18 - Tiffany's Dance Academy

Recital 2017-18



This year’s theme is “La La Land.” Each class will tell a part of the story of La La Land.


The Twinkle Star Showcase is a 30-45 minute concert that showcases the talents of our youngest dancers. Dancers will perform one dance from each class they attend. Dancers ages 3 and up have the opportunity to participate in the “Daddy Daughter Dance” that performs at the end of each showcase. The showcase will also feature the TDA Performing Company dancers and a special dance with all of the TDA teachers! At the end of each showcase dancers are awarded a dancer medal and sent out to meet their adoring family and friends.


Livermore High School Theater (600 Maple St.), Livermore
Chabot Performing Arts Theater (25555 Hesperian Blvd.), Hayward

NOTE: Video cameras are prohibited in the theater.

We at TDA understand precisely how important it is for each family to preserve their dancer¹s recital memories via video and still photos. We do not allow video cameras or personal cameras into the theater during the actual performance for the following reasons:
1) People taking video or shooting pictures of their child on stage block the view of and distract audience members seated behind and to the sides.
2) A video taken from the audience with a non-professional camera rarely turns out to look very good due to the challenging lighting, shakiness, and heads of audience members that block the view of the camera.
3) Flashes from cameras are distracting and dangerous to the dancers on stage.
No personal video cameras are allowed at the shows; however, they are allowed at the dress rehearsal (Big Shows only, Twinkle Star Showcases in-class dress rehearsal).

***Each Big Show performance is professionally photographed, videotaped and edited with high-end equipment. Our professional photographers and videographers are highly experienced in shooting and filming dance performances at conventions, competitions, and recitals. Details on how to order your videos and photos will be published by the end of April.