The Nutcracker



The Nutcracker 2017

Chabot College Theater on Friday and Saturday, December 15th & 16th


Important Nutcracker Dates

Tickets on sale for volunteers


Tickets on sale for public


Run Thru


Picture Day


Dress rehearsal






Cast Lists

Some Rules: Once your dancer has been cast you must decide whether or not to accept their role.  Instructions about how to accept will be sent out with the Cast List information.  All dancers must accept their roles by Monday, September 11.

If you have not accepted by that time we will assume you are declining the role and it will be recast.

Remember, The Nutcracker is a character Ballet.  The majority of our dancers play fantasy characters – Gingerbread, Lambs, Gum Drops, etc.  The larger roles in Snow and Waltz, as well as the solos are performed by professional dancers, instructors and our students who are in level Ballet 2 and higher.



NutcrackerDec13-2014-330pm-1182Each dance rehearses once a week.  If you are cast in more than one piece, you will have more than one rehearsal class.  Rehearsal classes begin the week of September TBD.  Dances with 4 or more students are charged at the normal tuition rate for that class ($64.99 per month for a 45-minute class and $66.99 per month for a 1-hour class).  If you are cast in a Solo, Duet or Trio, your rehearsal schedule will vary from week to week.  Solo, Duet, and Trio rehearsals are charged at a rate of $55 per hour and the cost is divided equally amongst the dancers in the rehearsal.


Attendance Policy

We want this to be the best experience possible for your dancer.  In order for that to happen they must consistently come to rehearsals.  They will only have approximately 12 rehearsals to learn their Nutcracker dances.  Therefore, if your dancer misses 3 rehearsals, we reserve the right to remove them from their dance.  If this occurs, or if you choose to leave at a later date, no refunds will be given on tuition, costumes or tickets, unless there is a verified medical reason for the dancer to leave the show.


NutcrackerDec13-2014-7pm-3852Each dance has a costume.  If you are cast in more than one dance, you will have more than one costume.  The costumes cost between $80-$110.  We measure for costumes at your first or second rehearsal.  Your costume order must be placed and paid for by September TBD.

Dress Rehearsal


There is a mandatory Dress Rehearsal held at the Chabot College Theatre on Friday, December 8 (Act I) and/or Saturday, December 9 (Act II).  There is a run through for all dancers at the Livermore studio the weekend of December 2-3 as well as a picture day on December 3.

Performances, December 15-16 – Chabot College


Our Nutcracker performances take place on Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16 at the Chabot College Theatre in Hayward.  Given the number of dancers who are interested in the Nutcracker, we expect that we will do one show on Friday evening and three shows on Saturday.  Tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 8 at 9 am.  The ticket prices are still to be determined but are similar to those for our Big Show recitals.



Of course, we cannot do all of this without a little help from our friends. There are a variety of volunteer jobs available – ushers, backstage volunteers, etc.  As with our recitals, make tickets available to our volunteers one day early, onTuesday, November 7 at 9 am. To sign up to be a Nutcracker Volunteer, please see your Studio Manager today!


NutcrackerDec13-2014-7pm-3003If you have any questions regarding our production of The Nutcracker please email Robbie Teruya or you can give her a call at 925-583-2806.