June 10 2017 10AM


Please be courteous. Seat yourselves only in-between dances. Do not use smartphones or any bright LED to take photos or video during the performance.

We strive to create a fun and safe environment for all dancers and audience members. We give FREE action photos and FREE video downloads to all so you may focus solely on watching your dancer’s live performances.

The bright screen of a phone or tablet held overhead blocks the view of a performer’s parent. High-resolution action photos appear online at www.TDAPICS.com within minutes of the actual performance!  

We encourage you to download and SHARE these photos immediately! Videos of the performance appear in each dance’s online gallery within 2 – 48 HOURS of the performance.  We’ll email each class as we upload videos.  Learn More.

Cuddle Bug Boogie ~ Rachel Ball

Morgan Breton-Lake, Mia Russell, Heidi Wang


Baby Bumble Bee ~ Tyler Hildenbrand

Emily Adams, Addison Comeau, Madelyn Cruey , Mae Johnson, Emmie Matte


Blue Suede Shoes ~ Tyler Hildenbrand

Audrey Accardo, Makenna Briegel, Madison Chalfant, Bella Czarnik, Emma-Kate Ellyson, Maicy Frantz, Kylie Sakamoto, Catherine Thrasher, Kristy Yasuda


Great Balls of Fire ~ Devon Magee

Janessa Castro, Maleena Cendejas,  Emily Hidayat, Parker Hovanic, Savanna Guy, Ariana Ortiz, Talia Torres, Paloma Spencer


Personality ~ Cassidy Stoker

Zayana Barreda, Jasmine Conning, Eliette Donaldson, Aarvi Gundecha, Elyse Hines, Isabella Iwanaga, Chloe Philbrook, Olivia Rodriguez, Allison  Tung


Baby Take A Bow ~ Kelly Gordon

Muskaan Boparai, Jasmine Conning, Emma Sadeghian, Sumona Sidher, Danna Soto, Marissa Wui


Do You Love Me ~ Tyler Hildenbrand

Hasika Mandepudi, Isabella Mondragon , Tanya Muramalla, Hayden Pelphrey, Victoria Peralta, Leela Roy, Sloan Storelee, Ahnnika Velasquez, Ria Vundavally, Jadelyn Xu, Kristy Yasuda


NY/NY ~ Kelly Gordon

Zea Aubry, Sophia Berberian, Scarlett Breton-Lake, Alexa Butler, Cedar Oto


Celebrate ~ Devon Magee

Erin Abarquez, Madison Anderson, Samantha Brown, Miguel Castro, Violet Clippinger, Emily Couch, Alana Dreon, Amelia Guglielmino , Annabel Harper, Parker-Grace Hovanic, Karson Knuth, Samantha Ledsinger, Gabriella Martinez, Brookelyn Petit, Isabella Stiener, Erica Stranutu, Olivia Van Buuren


Jack ~ David Maurice

Jack Henderson


Butterfly Kisses ~ Tyler Hildenbrand

Zayana and Fernando Barreda, Scarlett and Morgan Breton-Lake, Makenna and Joe Briegel, Madison and Chris Chalfant, Jasmine and Jim Conning, Bella and Jon Czarnik, Emma-Kate and Rick Ellyson, Maicy and Jeff Frantz, Hayden and Roger Pelphrey, Chloe and Michael Philbrook, Olivia and Spartacus Rodriguez, Kylie and Ross Sakamoto, Sloan Storelee and Brian Case, Marissa and Rod Wui, Kristy and DJ Yasuda