Why We Love The Nutcracker


Why We Love The Nutcracker

Why We Love the Nutcracker

Why We Love the Nutcracker

Like many of you, I’m guessing, seeing The Nutcracker every year was a major holiday tradition growing up. My studio never put on our own production, so my BFF Becky and I would go to a different show each winter with our moms.

We started small by seeing a Nutcracker at St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH. I was young, it was my first Nut experience, and my mind was blown.

Eventually, we upgraded: We took a drive south to see Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker. Mind = further blown. Whether on a small school stage or a much larger one, The Nutcracker was instantly magical to me, and it was a crucial part of my early dance experience. I became obsessed with the Tchaikovsky score, and I always picked a really lavish dress to wear to the show because being fancy was important at The Nutcracker.

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