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How to Make the Most of your Convention Weekend

By Tara Sheena

Dance conventions

Dance conventions

Offer an amazing experience for young dancers to be exposed to new styles, work with some of the industry’s best teachers, and meet fellow dancers from around the country. However, they are also long weekends where the students often dance for up to eight to ten hours a day! With such a demanding schedule, it is important to remember to balance it all and take advantage of every opportunity. Dance Informa asked three convention pros to sound off on their top tips and compiled them below so you can enter this convention season knowing it will be the best one yet!

1. Eat well
Convention days are tiring and they can be even more exhausting if you aren’t eating well. Fruits and vegetables are a must and easy to keep in a small lunch bag so you can nibble throughout the day. Tim Perry of Starbound National Talent Competition notes you should “plan to have healthy snack foods on hand” for long days of classes and performance, where you may not be able to leave the site for a sit down meal. And most importantly, don’t skimp on the greens!

2. Take notes
Ron DeVito of Access Broadway explains that conventions are not meant to be an overwhelming experience, saying students do not necessarily have to “absorb everything at once.” He recommends taking notes on new styles that may be beyond your training or in order to remember strong points on styles you already know well. “You can always go back to it in your notes another day when you don’t have such a heavy schedule,” DeVito explains.

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