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Recital Dance Classes: Final Chance

This Saturday, February 29th, is the final day to register for recital dance classes that will be performing in our Spring Recitals. If you are interested in being part of our 20th-year celebration “Generations” or our Twinkle Star Showcase “Showtime!” be sure to register for your class before this weekend.

To see the schedule and register click here and select the 2019-2020 season. Use promo code: RECITALREG to save up to $50 on your registration.

The recitals are a fantastic way to celebrate your dancer’s hard work on stage in front of their whole family. The growth each student makes, and the courage they gather to go on stage, makes for a truly memorable moment. Plus, with free HD video and photography uploaded the same day as your show, you don’t have to watch the show through your phone trying to capture footage!

In May 2020 Tiffany’s Dance Academy presents, “Generations”. Our 20th season is a celebration of the music that helped us get here. From the Greatest Generation to Gen Z, and The Beatles to Beyonce, you will revel in a trip down memory lane. Bright lights, thrilling choreography, foot-tapping timeless music, and the children who brighten your world will have you wishing for the show to never end. To be a part of this groundbreaking production be sure to enroll in recital dance classes.

Showtime! gives dancers enrolled in Twinkle Babies and Twinkle Stars classes the chance to show their friends and families all that they have learned with a performance at the end of the dance season. For many students, this may be their first time ever being on stage! The Twinkle Program is designed to promote self-confidence in young children and getting on stage at the end of the year is a critical part of the program.

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