Bartering Opportunities - Tiffany's Dance Academy

Bartering Opportunities

List of goods and services we would love to trade for tuition, costumes, dancewear, recital tickets and more.

Please email if you’d like to barter!

1. Linoleum or Tile in the Bathrooms, Small Spaces, Scraps
2. Front Door Sanding, Refinishing and Sealing
3. Carpeting (materials and labor)
4. Wood flooring (materials and labor)
5. Blinds and Window Coverings
6. Graphic artist (Need creative person to provide ideas and designs for logo wear, recital programs and more).
7. Drywall (materials and labor in our SSF lobby)
8. Self Storage Facility Services
9. Outdoor Decking (materials and labor)
10. Concrete Paint/Stain (materials and labor)
11. Wallpaper (materials and labor)
12. Outdoor ramadas/arbors/decks (materials and labor)
13. Touch up Painting
14. Restaurants (If you own one and do catering or would simply like to trade, let us know!)
15. Photographer for in-class candid shots
Provide high quality, high resolution digital photographs for use on the TDA website or other print publication marketing opportunities.

We need these photographs for each of our 7 locations. Value $200 tuition credit per location.

Note: The type of quality we need can not be obtained with a point and shoot camera. Fluorescent lighting is very challenging. Professional photographers only, please.

Photograph the following classes at TDA:
Twinkle Babies Dance™ Class
Twinkle Stars Dance™ Classes: 3-4, 4-5, 5-6
Combo Class ages 6-8
Ballet: Pre Ballet, Jr. Ballet, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Ballet 4 or Beg, Int, Adv Ballet
Tap: Pre Tap, Jr. Tap, Tap 1-4 or Beg – Adv Tap
Jazz: Pre Jazz, Jr. Jazz, Jazz 1-4 or Beg – Adv Jazz
Hip Hop – all levels
Exterior photos of building and TDA signage
Interior photos of lobbies, dance stores, etc.
Staff photos – Photograph the instructor’s that are teaching the classes you choose to shoot. These should be action photos that convey the skill and professionalism of the TDA instructor staff.

Work with the TDA Studio Director to select and notify classes to photograph.

Provide at least 10 high resolution (capable of 20×30 print) color digital photos of each class. Photos should be high quality, in focus or intentionally (artistically) blurred to convey movement. Ensure the background of each photo is not cluttered with water bottles, dance bags, parents, equipment etc… Photoshop imperfections as necessary.

Dancers and dancer guardian’s (if under 18) must sign a photo release form.
+ Download Photo Release Form (PDF)

Deliver photos via CD or DVD to 4046 East Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550: Attn: Paul Henderson

To sign up for this job send an email to: with your qualifications and availability.