Hannah Varga - Tiffany's Dance Academy

Hannah Varga

Hannah Varga, Instructor

Teaching Since: 2004
Dancing Since: 1987

“Movement never lies.” Martha Graham

“My goal is to encourage students to develop the strength and intelligence in their bodies that enables them to freely express themselves through dance.”

Hannah grew up training in classical ballet at the school of Lexington Ballet in Kentucky. She recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at Arizona State University where she was introduced to modern dance. After graduation, she moved to New York where she trained at Martha Graham School, Limon Institute, Ballet Arts and Steps on Broadway.

In 2009, she graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in dance from the University of California, Irvine, where she had the opportunity to perform with postmodern dance pioneer Yvonne Rainer and in William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite. She has also presented her own choreographic and multimedia works in New York, Kentucky, Alabama, California and Malaga Spain. Currently she performs regularly with the San Francisco based contemporary dance company Courage Group.

While she has explored various disciplines of dance, ballet is her first love. It brings her great joy to teach the fundamentals of the technique to provide students with a foundation that compliments other contemporary forms. Always searching for innovative ways to fine tune technique, she also teaches Gyrotonic®, a system created by former dancer Julio Horvath that stretches and strengthens the muscles and connective tissue while moving through the full range of motion of the joints and spine. Compiling aspects of these training methods she hopes to inspire her students to unlock their full movement potential in the most constructive and efficient way.

Her favorite dance moment is performing William Forsythe’s Artifact Suite.