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Tiffany’s Dance Academy of Pleasanton

Dance classes for children – Tiffany’s Pleasanton Dance Academy is an award winning facility in the world of dance. Tiffany’s Dance Academy of Pleasanton currently offers year-round dance classes for children in all styles including: ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop. Our training is aimed to ensure that every dancer is reaching their full potential in both technical and performance based opportunities, while still using creative and imaginative foundations.

Dance Classes for Children at Tiffany Dance Academy of Pleasanton
(925) 417-0110
5424-6 Sunol Blvd., Pleasanton, CA 94566

Tiffany’s Pleasanton Dance Academy strives to provide the best possible dance training for children to their students. Our instructors are qualified and professionally trained to guarantee the highest caliber dance education for children.

We believe that there is a strong difference between technical and competitive training, and we are committed to supplying our students with the technical training they will need to continue on as a professional dancer, or to participate in highly competitive programs offered at numerous four-year universities across the country.

No matter the style, we are devoted to accommodating every child with the means to fulfill their dreams as a dancer. So, if your child has dreams of becoming a professional dancer, or shows interest in expanding their creative outlets in the world of dance, don’t hesitate to come in and participate in a free trial class. Come join the fun, and watch your child grow into a professionally trained and dedicated individual.


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